Dating Testimonials


Many years ago I joined various on line dating sites.  Like most people I 

choose some of the largest ones.  I assumed that I was making the right

choice.  Within a short period of time, I regretted my decision.  Some of 

the sites had too many people for me to sort through and I didn't have the

resources to help me.  I tried other on line sites only to find that they had

a very small pool of people.  I wastes a lot of time and money with on line

dating.  I have a busy work schedule and I did not find on line dating 

convenient, safe, or easy.  I put a lot of effort in trying to communicate 

with people only to have encounters that were not in my best interest.

After speaking to several of my family members, I discovered that quite

a few of them had joined dating services to meet the love of their life.

That's when I discovered Tri State Dating Service.  Not all matchmakers

are created equal.  When I met John in my home, my impression of him

was that he is a very genuine person and he is truly passionate about

what he does.  John is more like a friend or a big brother who looks out

for your well being.  He is sensitive to your personality, your interests, and 

your lifestyle.  He will be very honest and upfront about what might be 

holding you back in truly meeting someone.  He is like a therapist, a dating

coach, and a matchmaker all rolled into one!  Although I have not yet met

the love of my life, I can say that I have been matched with many wonderful

people through Tri State Dating Service. And I have had many memorable 


Michelle from Milford, CT


I highly recommend that everyone listen to Networking Singles Radio show.

Whether you are in a relationship or not.  There is something every week for

everyone!  John is very passionate about the work he does:  The information and

discussions he leads on his radio show as well as educating and coaching his 

matchmaking clients.  He walks with you every step of the way, gently and 

informatively.  Your life will be enriched.  

Dr. Robin Siebold


I have been a client of Tri State Dating Service for 2 1/2 years.  John Holt has 

brought me into the new era of dating.  Through his experience and knowledge

he has given me insight into how to communicate effectively with women.  John

Holt always gives me information about potential matches.  After the dates are 

over John follows up by asking how everything went.  He is always there for me

answering any questions.  The process has been delightful and professional.  I 

am glad that I joined Tri State Dating Service.  I would recommend anyone looking

to find someone to give him a call.  

John T. from Niantic, CT


Hi, This is a note for John Holt.  I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed your

article on responsibility in dating. I felt that you took the words right from my

head and heart.  I posted excerpts (with the URL of course) on my

Match.com profile.  I'm giving up on Match but will let the article and my

comments live up there until it expires.  I believe EVERY word you say is

TRUE and I am grateful to have your words to help pass the message 

along.  PEACE to you.  You may be a professional in this area, but you

clearly have your heart in this work.  Thank you!



I was divorced for about a year when I decided I wanted to meet 

someone again. I did not want to go through the traditional dating sites.

I wanted to find someone in a,unique, comfortable, enjoyable and

pleasant way. I discovered John Holt’s company and went on some dinner

dates where I met a variety of people.  I enjoyed the settings of different

restaurants, the atmosphere, the conversation and the company. I was

also very pleased that there is never any pressure put upon you. On one

of the dinner dates I found a wonderful caring man that I know I would

never have met if our paths had not crossed through this service. A year

later we married.  Due to a fatal accident I lost this wonderful caring man

who I adored.  It is now three years later, and I am once again with John

Holt.  I am willing to find companionship again. Right now through this 

wonderful service I have found someone again. You can overcome your

 fears, brush yourself off and start over again. Don't be afraid to put

 yourself out there what have you got to lose? By missing out on this

 amazing service you will be losing out on companionship, friendship, 

and a sense of belonging because there are many people out there 

and there is someone for you. 


Darlene Cunnane, CT.


Dear John,

We just wanted to let you know that on June 18th, 2010 we got

engaged. We went to the Mohegan concert featuring the band

Foreigner.  I want you to know what love is, we were dancing

and John spun me around and the box with the ring was on

his shoulder.It was very romantic.  We have not set a date yet but

we will keep you posted.You matched us very well, we are

completely compatible.

 Sincerely Sue from Seymour C.T and John from Waterford C.T


The owner John Holt has been very helpful to me from my very

first telephone conversation with him inquiring about Tri State

Dating service. He is always willing to listen, and in my opinion,

gives expert advice in an honest way. John is very informative

about everything and always gives you the individual attention

you need and much more. John will always try to accommodate

you and always gets back to you with an answer. He is very

dependable. John gives you that personal touch that means so

much. I am therefore very pleased to be able to highly

recommend Tri State Dating services.

Susan from Cranston Rhode Island.


About 6 months after my divorce I decided it was time to start

dating. I considered the options for meeting people such as

on line dating, dating services, newspaper ads and friends.

I decided my best bet would be a personal dating service

because the members are interviewed by the service and

therefore have at least passed a preliminary screening. I

contacted a few of the high profile national chain dating services.

Their packages were promising however their prices were

exorbitant and their sales techniques were high pressure. I then

joined Tri State and have met a lot of quality interesting people.

Tri State's prices are reasonable and the service is personal. I

highly recommend Tri State Dating service and have to friends

and acquaintances.

Ray from South Kingstown Rhode Island.


My decision to join Tri State Dating service has proved to be

rewarding and personally fulfilling. After speaking with other

agencies, trying on line dating, and searching in other

directions, I chose to join an agency that made me feel good

about dating again. Tri State offers you many options that lead

to mutual attraction and a feeling of personal connection. There

is someone at the end of the phone who is listening to me.

A person who works with you. There lies the difference. I say

these things because my journey has started, and I feel good

about what I have experienced to date.

Larry from Portsmouth Rhode Island


John Holt is honest experienced and conveniently located. He

takes the time to learn about you and what your preferences are.

He tries very hard to actually match you to the right person. He

will not waste your time with just any referral. When I spoke to

people I was matched with I always heard that John Holt and

Tri- State was respected. Tri State is reasonably priced and has

large database ofmembers.I whole-heartedly recommend

Tri State Dating service.Paul from Niantic, Connecticut.

Paul is now married to Jo Anne from Providence R.I. 



I just wanted everyone to know that after joining Tri-State

Dating Services, I was matched with Susan from


MONTHS!  We just got back from a Caribbean Cruise

that she took me on for my birthday.

John From Waterford, CT


When I met John, I found him to be very honest and sincere.  

I like how Tri-State Dating Service  is owned and operated

by him, he selects each person that is in his dating service.

When communicating with the dating service, it is John that

I speak with every time.  This is not a large corporation where

I am just a number. John knows me well and everyone else  

in his dating service.  Even though I have not found my special

someone yet, I have met more quality people this year than I

had on my own. I feel very comfortable knowing my picture

and personal information aren't all over the Internet.  Tri-State

Dating Service respects their members and provides total

confidentiality.  This is important to me because I am a

professional and value my privacy.  John takes his job very

seriously and is honest and genuine to each of his clients.  

I would highly recommend this dating service to anyone.  

Take a chance on yourself and you'll be glad you did!!!

K from Kent County, RI



Sandy from Woodbury, CT wrote this as well as said it live

on the air as a guest on Networking Singles, "Talking to

John Holt is like talking to a sociology professor of dating".  

Sandy is a member of Tri-State Dating Service.