This is the search page for Tri-State Dating Service.  If you are a young person between 25 and 35 years old, you will find some very well qualified and interesting men and women to be matched with from this service.  These men and women have realized that on line dating sites and dating apps simply are not producing serious candidates.  You will find serious dating candidates at Tri-State Dating Service.  


Tri-State Dating Service has some very good men and women in their 40's.  Many of them have been married once before.  They are great candidates for a relationship that will  work much better for them in the future.  As a professional matchmaker, I understand what people go through in previous relationships that did not work out.  I can then advice people and match them accordingly to people that they will succeed with in the future.  


I have a tremendous amount of highly qualified women in their 50's that are looking for men that are equal and interesting and fully invested in a future relationship.  The quality of these women is of a very high caliper.  


I believe that men and women past the age of 60 deserve the opportunity to find someone for companionship and a future relationship.  No one at any age should ever give up the idea of searching for a person to be in a relationship with.  


I posted this information to give you an idea of how you might fit in with the clients here at Tri-State Dating Service.  If you feel like you fit into any of these categories, please call me, John Holt at 800-252-6210.