Introducing the brand of Tri-State Dating Service, Realistic Matchmaking.  This brand is the basis for matchmaking at Tri-State Dating Service.  Founded on the principle of understanding who you are and more importantly, who is attracted to you.  It makes no sense to chase single people who are not attracted to you.  If you embrace this brand, it will eliminate dating frustrations.  This means that you must be willing through discovery and self awareness to set your dating expectations realistically.  This begins with a mindset of having a positive attitude about the opposite sex, Being optimistic about dating.  It means that you are willing to go out and meet people with the idea that dating is fun, educational, and productive.  Realistic Matchmaking means leaving skepticism about dating the opposite sex behind.  Realistic Matchmaking is a motivational brand that advocates for acceptance of people available in the dating pool.  


    John Holt, Realistic Matchmaker has the vision and experience to help you through dating obstacles.  This will only happen if you are willing to accept his advice.  Dating requires trust.  The process of realistic matchmaking requires trust.  Please be willing to trust the matchmaker and the opposite sex.  Please be ready to release yourself from past relationship difficulties.  Leave behind all negative thoughts about past relationships.  Get ready to enter a new positive chapter in your life with a fun, realistic outlook on the future.  Realistic Matchmaking requires patience,.  Relationships are built over time.  There are no quick fixes in dating.  The brand Realistic Matchmaking can help you achieve happiness in the process of building relationships.  Happy people are attractive.  Realistic Matchmaking will help you become attractive to the opposite sex.  Dating is a vast process and not a shopping experience.  If you adopt the philosophy of this brand, you will become accepting, go out on meaningful dates, have a positive attitude, understand acceptance, and eliminate years of frustration in the pursuit of the opposite sex.