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Networking singles is a live call in weekly radio show that covers all topics related to being single, dating, relationships and the matchmaking/singles industry. There are many guests who appear on the show.  Please join me each week.  If you are in business and wish to advertise on this radio show please contact John Holt at 800-252-6210. If your business wishes to advertise to my listening audience there is great benefit to marketing to singles who now comprise 51% of the population. Networking singles is a successful show with a large listening audience.  I have great promotional ideas and advertising that is affordable.


An Interview with Dr. Beth Erickson on 1/5/12

Relationship expert Dr. Beth Erickson is host of "Relationships 101" on www.webtalkradio.net and author of several books including Marriage isn't for Sissies and 7 Simple keys to Unlocking the Best Part of Your Life.  She has been featured in Fortune, Reuters, USA Today, Better Homes and Gardens, Cosmopolitan, Forbes.com and more.  She offers daily words of wisdom on her website www.DrBethErickson.com

John Interviewed Dr. Beth on his radio show.  The show was both entertaining and educational as they discussed relationships and dating.  Dr. Beth was a gracious guest and wrote this email about the interview:

"My interview with John yesterday was wonder full!  He is a great host - the best I've been interviewed by in the 15 years I've been doing radio interviews.  I'd love to come back on..."

Listen in with John and feel free to call in on any of his shows.  He would welcome your call.