The very most important consideration these days is to deploy a plan of action in dating. My skills as a matchmaker are only as good as my clients who follow my leadership. A very important strategy to deploy is called the four date rule. The four date rule is where you commit to yourself that you will go on four dates with someone to decide whether to see them again, it gives you time to get to know someone initially and give them a real good chance.

Another good strategy is called the 90 days of fun, yes I mean fun! Do nothing but go out on dates as many as you can with the same person for 90 days. When you have fun you just might connect. Dating is and should be about having fun.

Proper strategic thinking begins when your attitude is positive. The opposite sex should be appealing to you not a point of whining and complaining about. The strategy that works best when you don't like members of the opposite sex is to seek counseling as to the reasons you feel this way.

Another term that recently came to light is fractional dating.This is where you only do one small intervention thinking that will produce results, totally relying on one avenue is a prescription for waiting a long time to end up with someone.

Here is another way to date effectively, when dating look your date in the eye and come up with a compelling reason to see them again. This means you actually must impress, only if your genuine.You could tell them why you liked this date and why you think the next one could be fun, be prepared with an idea about the next one.

Dating based on appearance only is a no no. Charm , charisma and attitude will get you farther as a good relationship prospect. The ingredients for being a good relationship prospect have little to do with physical attraction, did you ever stop and think about the values of the person you date. Find out in conversation about what they really believe in.

Here is the better way to talk to people your screening for a relationship, do it casually. Interrogations are intimidating and are a strategy for failure. I will tell you that if you don't interrogate and stereotype your potential prospects then you might give them a chance to open up without using tactics that only serve as baited traps.

Men here is a strategy for you to live by. Don't have expectations for sex until both of you are naturally connected, you will know the feeling. Woman love romance and want respect. The idea of playing without feeling is generally frowned upon by woman. Sex comes when the feelings are right and should not be measured by any amount of dates.

Here is a strategy that my friend the dating coach Ronnie Ann Ryan suggests. Meet 50 men in 100 days. This works for women but can also work for men. This means you find a way to talk to 50 men or women and you should get dates as well as potential relationship prospects.

Another strategy that might work these days is women calling men. You might get quicker results.  If men are going to be ambivalent and slow to move then you take the initiative, sometimes this proves to be a jump start to getting a date.

I hope these strategies are helping you toward a more realistic way to meet people.