Welcome to my world of dating and relationship facts. These are pieces of factual information you should know.

1.  Ladies did you know that only 5% of all men in the United States are 6 foot 2 or taller?  Only 5% of all men in the U.S. are 6 feet tall and 6 feet 1 inch. The average height of a man is 5 feet 9. There only 20% of men in the U.S. that are 5 feet 10 and 5 feet 11. Twenty five percent of all men in the U.S. are 5 feet 8 and 5 feet 9, this is why tall men are hard to come by.

2.   Did you know that the highest amount of consumer complaints about dating organizations are about on line dating web sites according to consumer complaints.com.

3.   Did you know the most economical way to romance is the good old fashioned summer picnic. Just pack a simple lunch in a nice basket with a good bottle of wine, there is timeless romance in eating outdoors together with your sweetie. Whether at a lake, ocean beach front or in the forest there is something magical about the great outdoors.

4.   Here is a way to divert loneliness during the holiday season, volunteer, spread the good cheer to those less fortunate, you will feel good.

5.   Low self esteem in dating is attributed to the way you see yourself. Perhaps you were abused in previous relationships. Low self esteem in dating makes you shy and fearful.

6.   Nobody is perfect get rid of perfectionism, you will remain alone. We all must have an objective view of ourselves. Dating success comes from taking risks. When you have faith in yourself you will then have faith in others.

7.   Did you know that singles who hire matchmakers are more serious about being in relationships. Singles who hire matchmakers want quality.

8.   Making eye contact is a secret to making an initial chemistry connection. Always do this when approaching someone it exudes confidence and confidence is attractive.

9.  Making real connections is by mixing real enjoyable life experiences together. Building great relationships is the ability to connect in lifestyle.

10. Why do men and women lie to get you to meet them? Because they realize the prejudice used in accepting them.

11.  Did you know that dental hygiene is a deal breaker 100% of the time in getting the next date, white teeth and a smile that needs no fixing is important.

12. The power of words can make you attractive, expand your vocabulary.

13.  Intellectual stimulation gives you a venue to show your intelligence. It is always wise to attract an intelligent person.

14. Did you know, even though men and woman accuse each other of playing mind games, the fact is they both do it. Mind games are played by the emotionally insecure.

15.  If you believe love is difficult, painful and hard then simply stop making it complicated with details that mean nothing.

16. Baggage, everyone has it.If you think you don't your foolish.

17. When meeting someone simply be yourself. Don't be afraid to be who you are, we all have great characteristics.

18. Ladies did you know there are only 8.9% of the u.s population that are millionaires and only 2% of them are single men.

19. Isn't a soul mate the definition of the output of chemistry.

20. True love cannot exist without chemistry.

21.  Chemistry is not physical, it is inner connection. physical attraction is just one aspect, inner connection is the true measurement of chemistry.

22. Men, did you know that women are using matchmakers in larger numbers because they need validation by a professional as to who they choose to date.

23. When you use excuses to stay on the sideline it prevents you any meaningful success which affects your entire life as loneliness sets in.

24. Some people live in fear of social situations so they go on line to hide from reality, know who your dealing with.

25. The next new trend on line will be people creating avatars, fictitious characters so they can continue to avoid the reality of human personal interaction in person.

26. Confidence is attractive and powerful. Everyone has the capability to turn the switch on.