Tri-State Dating Service: Founded in 1992, serving all of Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Eastern New York. Since it's inception, Tri-State Dating Service has been based on fair pricing for service with service delivery that maintains ethical standards.

Owned, operated by John Holt professional matchmaker it is critical to him that singles understand who they are and who they can be with. The understanding that takes place in the brand realistic matchmaking is a better strategy than chasing unrealistic dreams. You will never hear marketing messages from Tri-State Dating Service that are false representations of opportunity. Another words the truth about the dating pool and the people in it is what you can expect to understand. The customers of Tri-State Dating Service are serious about relationship building. As a matchmaker John Holt concentrates on the capabilities of matchmaking, social interaction capabilities, extensive searching with a highly enriched focus on personality, commitment and enriched, effective communication style. Tri-State Dating Service is committed to providing services in a cost effective way. This service is not hugely expensive like other companies yet you still get quality dates based on your willingness to be patient. John Holt is highly effective in communicating strategy and redirecting you toward success and away from failure.

                           Service Delivery

1. Matchmaking where you get the final word on who you meet.

2. Social Dinner Parties where in a light atmosphere you build acceptance through social interaction.

3. Speed Dating where short meetings turn into dates.

4. Extensive searches performed based on vast networks available to the matchmaker.


Long term meaningful relationships that last, ending the madness of on line dating which produces less security and many disappointments.

Having a matchmaker who meets everyone and knows who they are.  Tri-State Dating Service delivers safe dating in a cost effective way.