Welcome to my world, where realistic matchmaking is the only viable business model. The marketing information that you have processed in your mind from other dating sites or services, creates a false sense of happiness created by the idea that you will get a quick fix to meeting people who may not ever date you. The truth is that in order to be successful in a dating service you must be willing to go out and meet 25-50% of the available members of the opposite sex.

This business TRI-STATE DATING SERVICE is all about timing, a process that takes time, no quick fix, just results over time, eliminating dating anxiety. The model is patience, if you join this service you must have patience, otherwise you will be frustrated, Chances are you are already frustrated with the lack of results, it is my intention to alleviate this frustration by getting you focused on the long term goal not a quick fix.There is no quick fix in matchmaking, done correctly.

This now means you can't purchase a membership under the retail model. Dating services are not retail business' In a retail business you purchase goods and they are delivered at point of sale, often a warranty comes with the goods.Perhaps you purchase a service where some business can guarantee that services will be delivered immediately. A dating service performs based on information based on compatibility, if you are overly selective then you will wait for many years to find your dream if it occurs at all. In a dating service you should be flexible or a dating service won't work. Dating services or anything else that has to do with dating, will never work if your not realistic. John Holt, Professional matchmaker is dedicated to realistic matchmaking.  If you are looking for a quick fix then tri-state dating service is not for you. It hasn't worked anywhere else it won't work here and it wont work for you unless you are willing to date anyone and everyone. If you are an elitist or overly selective then common sense suggests you will struggle to find someone.  Don't come to Tri-State Dating Service looking for others to blame for your unrealistic selectivity.  You own that problem and perhaps a counselor or dating coach can help you get over it.  So, the model here is facing reality, when you decide to do that you will end frustration and get a professional experience. A model of service delivery that over time delivers results. This business model is ethical, honest and straightforward, your success depends on your willingness to be accepting of the people in the dating pool rather than an idea that is impossible and is a dream that hasn't come true and likely wont. If you are overly selective you must be ready to wait very long periods of time.