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Human Beings Must Care About Each Other

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A certain level of care is important in human relationships.  If there are too many selfish men and women in our population then we will have numerous failed relationships.  I have been beating the drum these days about people caring about each other.  If we cannot understand how to take care of each other in relationships we will ultimately fail.  This will mean we are going to have many more people living single that perhaps may not want to.

Is the state of human relations so damaged that dating and relationship building seems like running through a mine field.    I say anger is at an all-time high, people are angry at their lives and angry or resentful about the opposite sex.  Much of this is the failure men and women have in each other’s communication styles.    It further causes a rift in men and women meeting each other’s needs.   We must meet the emotional needs of a partner in a relationship.  The realities of relationship building are differing realities about life, love, communication and intimacy.  If you do extensive research on human relations you will find a lot of destructive relationship patterns leading to disharmony and eventual dissolution of relationships.  Simply put, we just don’t hang in there with each other anymore.  It is true, many of you move on from someone when in fact it could have been worked on.  This online society of ours has made it too easy to dump someone.  What this further does to the dating pool is load it with anxiety pressure instant gratified attitudes.  This further creates a pool of stressed out singles wondering why it isn’t quick and perfect in the road to the ultimate relationship and why it isn’t happening at lightning speed.  Patience is replaced with blame and unreasonable expectations.

So if we are to care about each other better then how do we achieve this?  We first have to stop looking at relationships as defined by pop culture or media images.  There is no magic to solving problems just a lot of care about each other and applied logic to situations.

We further must embrace the word commitment.  This is the key word in facing up to one person and staying with them as opposed to moving on to many others. This however requires the ability to compromise. It also requires great contributions be made to another when each other is in need.  I do not mean monetary contributions either. I mean healthy emotional contributions.  Be your partner’s best friend take tender loving care to a deeper level.  This soothes a person.

If we are truly aware, we now know our world is dysfunctional.  We never cared enough to keep this world from the destruction brought on by the worse selfish behavior in recent memory.  Just look around you and see it all going on.  We have A don’t care society coupled with selfish goals and objectives, when we are selfish it has far reaching damaging ramifications.  Can I convince all of you to take a great level of care about each other?  We must not resent each other; instead we must applaud each other and nurture a passion for caring.  You can care and feel good about it.  There is a god feeling when you care and show it.  The person you are with will hopefully feel this and reciprocate.

Eliminating anger will make you attractive again.  You will be less isolated.  It is human nature to isolate angry people.  We really are not attracted to spending time with angry people.  You must be embarrassed by angry behavior and take a step back, when you take a step back you will vow to fix your anger, deal with it and eliminate it.

If we learn to be caring in a relationship we are performing an appropriate function.  We should be looking forward to loving each other instead of leaving each other.  So, a key element is to emotionally support your partner providing the level of nurturing care needed to make a relationship flourish. Life is about caring.  We get back in life from caring about one another; we lose in life when we trample the feelings of our partner.  If we care we will have healthy interaction which will enhance lives.  I so dearly as a Matchmaker want to see people interact in a healthy way.  I see too much destructive behavior that greatly concerns me.  I just wonder daily when it will all come to an end.  I further believe bitterness has come home to roost because we lost our way about caring about one another.

How do we bring back caring to humanity?  By eliminating scapegoats and blaming people to the point where they are hurt.  Solve issues stay away from blame.  Tell someone you care.  Eliminate volatile discussions, be calm, stop blaming one another, be constructive with criticism, do not accuse.

In closeness and caring comes more intimacy, from more intimacy come relationships that last longer.  You have the power to care if you exercise this power you will have a level of awareness needed to keep a relationship viable.

Remember caring means you know no one is perfect.

If we behave in paranoia then treating people badly out of suspicion and acting to get a selfish advantage then we will find ourselves alone.

If we care then we will disclose feelings and get nurturing in return. If we exercise power, manipulation and control over our partners then we destroy them emotionally.

If more and more people are selfish then civility, courtesy and respect disappear as a result, giving us a world of mistreatment to be exposed to.

John Holt