Tri-State Dating Service, LLC, serving all of Ct, RI, Ma, and Eastern NY, was founded by John Holt, professional Matchmaker.  He founded this business in 1992.  John Holt currently owns and operates Tri-State Dating Service, LLC.  You can expect to meet him in person as he interviews and meets every client who becomes a member of this service.  He understands that there are millions of variables associated with the complicated process of matching people.  

Please read the page on this website about the brand of Tr-State Dating Service, LLC, which is realistic matchmaking.  This brand is in place because it is all about success and eliminating failure.  Unless you know who you are and who you fit with, you will forever be frustrated trying to find that special someone.   This is an alternative to on line dating sites that have continuously failed 85% of the people who use them.  People who use a matchmaker, tend to be more serious about relationship building.  

This service is an alternative to the very high priced dating services that you may be aware of.  The positioning of this service is to provide you with a reasonable price along with a truthful representation of the current dating situation.  You can expect personal service, your questions to be answered, consistent feedback given in person in addition to monthly emails sent to all customers as communication is very important and should be consistent.


The following matching criteria is important to people meeting the right person:

  • Attraction
  • Dating Goals
  • Relationship Building
  • Personality Matching
  • Coordinating Lifestyle
  • Intelligence
  • Human Emotion
  • Lifetime Goals
  • Value System Coordination
  • Interest Surveys
  • Personal Habits
  • Attitude
  • Level of Acceptance 


John is a professional who understands that it takes time to match people correctly.  Any claims by any organization that quick fixes will take place is simply not true.  It is only the truth that will prevail in your quest to find the right person.